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Company Program

Led by passion and love, our Full Time Competitive Company Program provides innovative, versatile and cutting edge dance training to children ages 5 to 17. Each dancer no matter their age is taught and guided by highly professional and caring faculty, who are experienced in training the “all around” dancer. Our focus on building strong technical foundations, artistry, team work skills, collaboration and camaraderie are just some of the reasons why we are home to an award winning program in Canada and the USA.

Our Process

Led by passion and love, our professional quality, multi award winning Competitive Company Program is known throughout our dance community for a continued high level of ability, technique development and passion for dancers of all ages. Our program is multifaceted with many layers, requirements and expectations dependent on age and level. We will always strive to provide the highest quality in all aspects of our training, and in all disciplines of dance that leads to the most technically proficient artists that we can train who have so much fun along the way.


Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that every dancer, not just ones with innate abilities, have capabilities that can be nurtured. When selecting our students we have the ability to identify potential not just talent, and then provide the most well rounded care for each student. We care for the person, not just the dancer, and we work inside and out of the classroom with families to help each child realize who they truly are, who they want to be, and most importantly who they can be. Helping them believe in their power allows them to grow as people and dancers beyond expectation. We promote the development of teams not individuals. We create opportunities for an array of dancers to realize their true potential and not just one or two. The equality we create, the care we provide and the belief we have in every dancer, creates strong and positive relationships that are long lasting. This in turn builds a very safe and special learning environment for our dancers.


Our Faculty

Each of our core company faculty members carry years of experience in the classroom, yet they continue learning and evolving from year to year for the benefit of our students. Our Faculty are a connected team, who believe the betterment of our dancers shall always go before our own, and that continued collaboration positively impacts their growth and experience at PULSE dance centre. All of our core Company Faculty teach every age and level.


The Result

Our Focus on building strong technical foundations, exam work in ballet, artistry, teamwork skills, collaboration, and camaraderie are just some of the reasons why we are home to an awards winning program in Canada and the USA that continues to produce dancers who have been accepted into High Level Universities throughout North America, Post Graduate Conservatory Programs, Various Dance Companies, International Summer/Spring Intensives, and continue to work Professionally in Film/TV and Theatre Community.


We continue to foster a positive learning environment and close knit community of students who support, inspire and motivate each other to not only be the best dancer they can be, but their best self. This is what makes our Company Program special, and why we continue to see our dancers in every age bracket achieve wonderful things on stage and in life!


How To Audition

All dancers must audition to be considered into our Company Program. Accepted performers are placed in a particular company group that train together from September to June in all of the same classes throughout the week. Performers and families considering our Company Program must be dedicated, reliable and committed from August 2024 to July 2025. Please contact us directly at for additional information. 

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COMPANY audition

Auditions are now closed. If you are interested in our Company Program and wanting to receive more information, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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